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Course Details
Oxford TEFL     [Provider profile and all courses offered]
Course Title:OxfordTEFL Trinity College CertTESOL in Prague 3 Reviews
Course location
Country:Czech Republic
Address:Konviktska 24
Mode of Delivery:Face to face
Final qualification: Trinity College London Certificate in TESOL
Course fee including any registration fees:EUR 1,400.00 (*USD 1,936.38, GBP 1,152.92)
Minimum number of Teaching Practice hours:8
Maximum number of Teaching Practice hours:12
Supporting documentation:Official Certificate validated by Trinity College London. Course Director reference
Career support:Lifetime job seeking support from our careers officers.
Means of Assessment
Titles of written assignmentsUnknown Language Journal
Learner Profile
Materials Project
Teaching Practice Log
Language Awareness examination
Observed teaching practice with language learnersyes
Final examination - please specify what is to be examined Teaching Practice is assessed on a continuous basis throughout the course
Portfolio of evidence of competence yes
Assessment criteria:trainees are graded from A to D on all course elements, C being a pass, B good and A excellent.
Course entry requirements:Fluent command of written and spoken English
Degree or level of education which would qualify for access to a degree course eg. A level in the UK
Entry Age: Minimum18
Entry Age: Maximum-
Course dates:
Course length: total hours:140
Total observed and assessed teaching practice hours:8
Course duration:4 weeks
Tutor-trainee ratio:1 to 4
Minimum tutor qualifications:Dip.TESOL or DELTA
Minimum ELT teacher training experience of tutors:1 year
Minimum ELT language teaching experience of tutors:3 years
Course content:
  • Needs analysis design
  • Conducting a needs analysis
  • Interpreting needs analyses' results
  • Negotiating learning objectives
  • Planning courses
  • Planning lesson sequences
  • Planning individual lessons
  • Theories of language learning
  • Approaches to the teaching/learning of a foreign/second language
  • Selection of appropriate teaching styles and techniques
  • Effective management of teaching/learning
  • Presentation of new language and promotion of its production
  • Originating learner material to support achievement of learning
  • Selection of appropriate learning materials
  • Adaptation of existing learning materials
  • Use of appropriate learning materials
  • Role of the teacher
  • Class management
  • Teaching of the four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Effective use of audio material
  • Effective use of video material
  • Effective use of the Internet
  • Effective use of pair work
  • Effective use of group work
  • One to one teaching
  • Effective use of role play
  • Effective use of simulation
  • Learner autonomy and the promotion of self-managed learning
  • Negotiated syllabi
  • Language analysis
  • Phonology
  • Assessment of learners' language learning achievements
  • Provision of appropriate feedback to learners on their achievements
  • Test design
  • Alternative methods of assessment
  • Evaluation and modification of lessons
  • Evaluation and modfication of lesson sequences
  • Evaluation and modification of courses
  • Evaluation of own teaching performance
  • Levels trained for & taught in teaching practice:Elementary
    Lower intermediate
    Higher intermediate
    Age groups trained for & taught in teaching practice:adults
    Minimum number of language learners in teaching practice groups:1-5
    English for specific purposes covered:Business
    Preparation for EFL examinations covered:KET
    Young Learners: Starters
    Young Learners: Movers
    Young Learners: Flyers
    Course summaryThe Trinity Cert. TESOL at Oxford Tefl in Prague is for people who want an intensive, up to date and practical course of training to teach English and an internationally recognised qualification to endorse that training. Our team is professional and supportive and the college creates a positive and inspiring learning environment for trainees. The course incorporates ample support for job finding both during and beyond the four weeks of the course.

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    3 customers reviews of OxfordTEFL Trinity College CertTESOL in Prague

    OxfordTEFL Trinity College CertTESOL in Prague
     Reviewed by Ross, Thursday 07th of March 2013 11:09:54 AM

    Course Content
    Teaching Practice
    Quality of feedback
    Lesson Plan Guidance
    Instructor Competence
    Job placement assistance
    Facilities / resources
    When I came to start the course at Oxford TEFL in Prague, I was clear in my mind that I was going to do the course and then fly back to the UK before trying to find work elsewhere (South America, China or South Korea, for example). However, since the course has finished, I have made plans to come back to Prague. This is a direct result of the course and the support I feel is available, together with the people I have met. The main reason I\'d chosen the Trinity course at Oxford was because I got a generally warmer impression from the website than I did from other courses and this impression was completely borne out by my experience - all the tutors are very approachable (I certainly still feel they are there for advice even after the course has finished) and the input sessions involved doing a lot of work but also having a lot of fun (the Unknown Language Journal, for example, was not only great as an experience of learning a new language with no common tongue between the tutor and students but also as a way for us as trainees to become more comfortable with one another). The content of the course was thorough, interesting and engaging. Additionally, the accommodation was excellent, both in terms of organisation and setting. Sinead was fantastic in making sure we had everything we needed. All in all, I had a fantastic experience and one which I feel will stand me in good stead in the future. Thanks Dave, Sinead and Sean and everyone at Oxford!

    OxfordTEFL Trinity College CertTESOL in Prague
     Reviewed by Hannah, Thursday 14th of February 2013 07:27:01 AM

    Course Content
    Teaching Practice
    Quality of feedback
    Lesson Plan Guidance
    Instructor Competence
    Job placement assistance
    Facilities / resources
    I took the January 2013 course in Prague, and it was fantastic. It was very intense, but also tons of fun! I got a lot of practice time with actual students, which was great because I\'d never taught before. I also felt like the teachers were EXTREMELY knowledgable not just about practical teaching but about educational theories, etc. OxfordTEFL has a communicative focus, which is exactly what the schools I\'ve interviewed with here in Prague are looking for. They also have great job support, especially as you look for work after the course. Sinead\'s help has been invaluable, and through her I have had several interviews. The location is also fantastic. As are their supporting materials- OHP, computers and dictaphones, ample printer/copier access, digital projectors, etc. They also offer intensive post-course classes in Business English, Teaching Young Learners, and Technology in the Classroom. These courses also look great on a resume and are very helpful! Overall, I\'d definitely recommend OxfordTEFL in Prague for anyone who wants to teach English as a foreign language.

    OxfordTEFL Trinity College CertTESOL in Prague
     Reviewed by Dre, Friday 15th of June 2012 01:54:37 PM

    Course Content
    Teaching Practice
    Quality of feedback
    Lesson Plan Guidance
    Instructor Competence
    Job placement assistance
    Facilities / resources
    Even though I was sufficiently challenged by the workload, I had a great time while attending OxfordTEFL in Prague. The instructors were kind, had great senses of humor, and provided wonderful insights into the world of ESL teaching. I was thrown into teaching a class within the third day of the course, which was daunting but rewarding, and continued giving lessons three times a week for the duration of the course. I made friends and learned skill that will last me a lifetime at OxfordTEFL Prague.

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