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Course Details
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Course Title:The ICAL TESL/TEFL Certificate 1 Review
Course location
Country:United Kingdom
Address:145-157 St John Street
State/province/region:EC1V 4PY
Mode of Delivery:Distance: Online
Final qualification: The ICAL TESL/TEFL Certificate
Course fee including any registration fees:USD 265.00 (*EUR 191.60, GBP 157.78)
Minimum number of Teaching Practice hours:-
Maximum number of Teaching Practice hours:-
Supporting documentation:The certificate; marksheet; tutor's reference.
Career support:Contact with any organisation. Job placement
Means of Assessment
Titles of written assignmentsThere are 5 Modules for the course. Each includes reading material, a short online check of the material and then an assignment.
Observed teaching practice with language learners 
Final examination - please specify what is to be examined Continuous assessment of all course material.
Portfolio of evidence of competence  
Assessment criteria:Confident understanding of material; accurate and relevant detail covering all aspects of the work. Ability to use thier own research as well as given material.
Other:Pass Grade from 16 - 20 for each assignment.
Course entry requirements:There are no pre-requisites in terms of qualifications. Our TEFL/TESL Certificate does not work on the basis of prior learning recognition.
Entry Age: Minimum18
Entry Age: Maximum-
Course dates:Continuous - no specific dates
Course length: total hours:100
Total observed and assessed teaching practice hours:N/A
Course duration:N/A
Tutor-trainee ratio:1 to 10
Minimum tutor qualifications:MA
Minimum ELT teacher training experience of tutors:5 years
Minimum ELT language teaching experience of tutors:5 years
Course content:
  • Needs analysis design
  • Conducting a needs analysis
  • Interpreting needs analyses' results
  • Negotiating learning objectives
  • Planning lesson sequences
  • Planning individual lessons
  • Theories of language learning
  • Approaches to the teaching/learning of a foreign/second language
  • Selection of appropriate teaching styles and techniques
  • Effective management of teaching/learning
  • Presentation of new language and promotion of its production
  • Originating learner material to support achievement of learning
  • Selection of appropriate learning materials
  • Adaptation of existing learning materials
  • Use of appropriate learning materials
  • Role of the teacher
  • Class management
  • Teaching of the four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Effective use of audio material
  • Effective use of video material
  • Effective use of pair work
  • Effective use of group work
  • Effective use of role play
  • Effective use of simulation
  • Learner autonomy and the promotion of self-managed learning
  • Language analysis
  • Phonology
  • Assessment of learners' language learning achievements
  • Provision of appropriate feedback to learners on their achievements
  • Test design
  • Evaluation and modification of lessons
  • Evaluation and modfication of lesson sequences
  • Evaluation and modification of courses
  • Evaluation of own teaching performance
  • Levels trained for & taught in teaching practice:N/A
    Age groups trained for & taught in teaching practice:N/A
    Minimum number of language learners in teaching practice groups:1-5
    English for specific purposes covered:Business
    Preparation for EFL examinations covered:FCE
    Course summaryThe ICAL TESL/TEFL Certificate worth 100hrs will allow you to apply for employment at various levels in both public and private educational institutions. The course will provide you with a solid understanding of the principles behind teaching English as a second or foreign language, as well as practical ideas on how to make any lesson a fruitful and enjoyable experience for both yourself and your students. By the end of the course you will be able to understand and assess the needs of your students, appreciate the importance of ideas like having a student-centered learning system. In other words you will be equipped to teach successfully and effectively. Each of the 5 course modules deals with a specific area of language teaching and includes an assignment task for you to complete. At all times your personal tutor will work alongside with you to help you make the most of the course.

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    2 customers reviews of The ICAL TESL/TEFL Certificate

    The ICAL TESL/TEFL Certificate
     Reviewed by meiselstein, Monday 29th of October 2012 10:42:34 AM

    Course Content
    Teaching Practice
    Quality of feedback
    Lesson Plan Guidance
    Instructor Competence
    Job placement assistance
    Facilities / resources
    I graduated from this course at the end of September 2012 (and it is now the end of October 2012). Despite the fact that there was no in-class instruction or practice (the whole course is conducted online via email assignment submission), I genuinely feel that I received a good education. The course material was very thought provoking and insightful. I learned teaching strategies, but more importantly, my instructor taught me how to think like a TEFL teacher; he forced me to consider teaching from a completely different perspective than the one I carried into the course with me. To give you an idea of how this course works: When you first register, you are given access to the first module. Once you study the module material, you are given the option to take a sort of pre-test to determine if you are ready to begin the assignment. Once you pass the pre-test, you are given access to the module assignment. The assignment varies with each module, but uses everything that you just learned in the reading material. Once you complete the assignment, you submit it to your tutor/instructor for review. They will grade it (usually within three business days) and if you receive a passing grade, you can proceed to the next module. Or the instructor may ask you to fix some things and resubmit it until you pass. There are five modules for the entire course. Good: This really is a work-at-your-own-pace type of system. I finished the course in just under a month because I really hit the course hard. My tutor had a policy of returning work within three business days, so the only thing that slowed me down was myself. The tutor was top-notch. Not only did he have an impressive educational and experience background, but he was very responsive and smart; he knew his stuff. Bad: No in-classroom teaching or guidance. This course will give you the knowledge, but not necessarily the experience. Also, the online community is almost non-existent...topics are several months (and even years) old. Granted, alumni should take a bigger role and try to get things going (myself especially), but more can be done on iCal\'s part too. Bottom line: Do your research to determine if this course meets your needs. If you need to show in-class instruction, this is not your course. However, if your employers do not look for in-class instruction, this is a solid certification. I am now teaching in Hanoi, and the certification has been accepted everywhere I\'ve applied (if I\'ve been turned down, it\'s been because of a lack of teaching experience). I\'m working for three different centers now and more work is coming in.

    The ICAL TESL/TEFL Certificate
     Reviewed by testy, Thursday 28th of June 2012 03:20:24 AM

    Course Content
    Teaching Practice
    Quality of feedback
    Lesson Plan Guidance
    Instructor Competence
    Job placement assistance
    Facilities / resources
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