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TEFL International Seville     [Provider profile and all courses offered]
Course Title:TEFL International Certificate Course, Seville 1 Review
Course location
Address:Calle Sierpes 54, Edificio 1, 3A
Mode of Delivery:Face to face
Final qualification: TEFL International Certificate
Course fee including any registration fees:EUR 1,200.00 (*USD 1,659.75, GBP 988.22)
Minimum number of Teaching Practice hours:7
Maximum number of Teaching Practice hours:12
Supporting documentation:Tutor feedback forms Final portfolio Daily reports Letter of recommendation Outline of course contents
Career support:We provide a Job Information Session during the course where we provide tips for your CV, listings of nearby language academies, websites to look for job postings, as well as sites to post your own ads for teaching. We help you develop your CV and highlight your strengths as were exhibited throughout the course. Additionally, we have a network of English academies who we often refer our TEFL graduates to for employment opportunities.
Means of Assessment
Titles of written assignmentsForeign Language Journal
Self-Evaluation Forms following lessons taught
Peer-Observation forms
Lesson Plans
Observed teaching practice with language learnersyes
Final examination - please specify what is to be examined Grammar and Phonology exams
After each teaching practice, the trainees are evaluated on their performance and progress.
Portfolio of evidence of competence yes
Assessment criteria:Lesson implementation and execution - evaluation and feedback of the teaching styles and objectives during the teaching practice
Lesson Plan development - meeting the objectives of specific lesson steps
Grammar and phonology coure completion
Course entry requirements:17 years old
Native or high level of English speaker
Entry Age: Minimum17
Entry Age: Maximum-
Course dates:From 2013-06-03 to 2013-06-28
From 2013-07-01 to 2013-07-26
From 2013-07-29 to 2013-08-23
From 2013-08-26 to 2013-09-20
From 2013-09-23 to 2013-10-18
From 2013-10-21 to 2013-11-15
From 2013-11-18 to 2013-12-13
Course length: total hours:120
Total observed and assessed teaching practice hours:7
Course duration:4 weeks
Tutor-trainee ratio:1 to 8
Minimum tutor qualifications:TEFL Certification
Minimum ELT teacher training experience of tutors:5 years
Minimum ELT language teaching experience of tutors:5 years
Course content:
  • Needs analysis design
  • Conducting a needs analysis
  • Interpreting needs analyses' results
  • Negotiating learning objectives
  • Planning lesson sequences
  • Planning individual lessons
  • Theories of language learning
  • Approaches to the teaching/learning of a foreign/second language
  • Selection of appropriate teaching styles and techniques
  • Effective management of teaching/learning
  • Presentation of new language and promotion of its production
  • Originating learner material to support achievement of learning
  • Selection of appropriate learning materials
  • Adaptation of existing learning materials
  • Use of appropriate learning materials
  • Role of the teacher
  • Class management
  • Teaching of the four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Effective use of audio material
  • Effective use of group work
  • One to one teaching
  • Effective use of role play
  • Effective use of simulation
  • Learner autonomy and the promotion of self-managed learning
  • Negotiated syllabi
  • Language analysis
  • Phonology
  • Assessment of learners' language learning achievements
  • Provision of appropriate feedback to learners on their achievements
  • Alternative methods of assessment
  • Evaluation and modification of lessons
  • Evaluation and modfication of lesson sequences
  • Evaluation of own teaching performance
  • Levels trained for & taught in teaching practice:Beginner
    Lower intermediate
    Higher intermediate
    Age groups trained for & taught in teaching practice:teenagers
    Minimum number of language learners in teaching practice groups:6-12
    English for specific purposes covered:Business
    Academic purposes
    Preparation for EFL examinations covered:TOEIC
    Course summaryYou receive instruction and modeling of methodology of teaching styles. You choose topics and develop topic-based lessons to meet each of the 3 teaching styles. You work with your instructor and peers to develop lesson activities and materials. You receive a lot of support, guidance, experience and feedback throughout the course. Our candidates consistently leave here saying how prepared and confident they feel to walk into the English classroom and begin teaching! ** Our course offers some bonuses including 1)Spanish classes 2) Sevillanas dance lessons 3)City tour 4) Flamenco show 5) Wine and Tapas tour

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    1 customers reviews of TEFL International Certificate Course, Seville

    TEFL International Certificate Course, Seville
     Reviewed by L.M.S., Monday 06th of August 2012 10:10:46 AM

    Course Content
    Teaching Practice
    Quality of feedback
    Lesson Plan Guidance
    Instructor Competence
    Job placement assistance
    Facilities / resources
    Beforehand I did not know what to expect, is the course intensive? Will I learn a lot? Can I handle the pressure? How\'s the city where I will live for those 4 weeks? Will I be able to experience the \'Sevillian life\'? After having taken the course I can say that it is worth every penny and all effort. This course is provided by an amazing and experienced staff who learned me a lot and prepared me for a new life as a TEFL teacher. The most beautiful part of this all is, that almost everybody is able to do this. Shy people will get over their fear of standing in front of a class and born actors will learn how to get even better in expressing themselves. I was blown away by the beauty of the city, with the amazing architecture, nice climate, fun night life and kind people. Next to this is the course located in the heart of the center which made it even more fun! I can definitely recommend people interested in taking a TEFL course to take it in Seville at TEFL International Seville.

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