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TEFL Iberia     [Provider profile and all courses offered]
Course Title:One month 160-hour TEFL Certificate Course 2 Reviews
Course location
Address:Valencia 275, 3rd floor
Mode of Delivery:Face to face
Final qualification: TEFL / TESOL
Course fee including any registration fees:EUR 1,350.00 (*USD 1,867.22, GBP 1,111.74)
Minimum number of Teaching Practice hours:8
Maximum number of Teaching Practice hours:12
Supporting documentation:Written student assessment, portfolio of completed work and lesson preparation
Career support:Careers talk with the head of the BTTA (Barcelona TEFL Teachers Association). Includes CV preparation, interview practice, job search guidance and support. Access to unadvertised teaching positions. All teachers in 'Languages4life' are recruited from TEFL Iberia
Means of Assessment
Titles of written assignments1. Video Evaluation - Write a self evaluation of a video of yourself teaching

2. Private class and needs analysis - complete a one hour private class and write a report on the strengths and weaknesses of the student.

3. Language Analysis.

4. Complete your CV.
Observed teaching practice with language learnersyes
Final examination - please specify what is to be examined Grammar exam
Teaching principles exam
Teaching Practice
Portfolio of evidence of competence yes
Assessment criteria:A = Consistently excelled during the course in all the areas. Excellent grasp of grammar and English teaching methodology. Excellent skills shown during the teaching practice. Made a large effort with lesson preparation.

B = A very good performance in most of the areas. Good grasp of grammar and English teaching methodology. Good skills shown during the teaching practice and put a good amount of effort into lesson preparation.

C = Good performance in most areas. Reasonable grasp of grammar and English teaching methodology. Reasonable skills shown during teaching practice and reasonable amount of effort put into teaching practice.

D = Good performance but needs further development in some areas

E = Completed course but further training required many areas
Course entry requirements:Application form and 500 word description of what candidate has been doing over the last 2 years
Entry Age: Minimum18
Entry Age: Maximum60
Course dates:Continuous - no specific dates
Course length: total hours:160
Total observed and assessed teaching practice hours:10
Course duration:4 weeks
Tutor-trainee ratio:1 to 4
Minimum tutor qualifications:CELTA
Minimum ELT teacher training experience of tutors:4 years
Minimum ELT language teaching experience of tutors:4 years
Course content:
  • Needs analysis design
  • Conducting a needs analysis
  • Interpreting needs analyses' results
  • Planning courses
  • Planning lesson sequences
  • Planning individual lessons
  • Theories of language learning
  • Approaches to the teaching/learning of a foreign/second language
  • Selection of appropriate teaching styles and techniques
  • Effective management of teaching/learning
  • Presentation of new language and promotion of its production
  • Originating learner material to support achievement of learning
  • Selection of appropriate learning materials
  • Adaptation of existing learning materials
  • Use of appropriate learning materials
  • Role of the teacher
  • Class management
  • Teaching of the four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Effective use of audio material
  • Effective use of video material
  • Effective use of the Internet
  • Effective use of pair work
  • Effective use of group work
  • One to one teaching
  • Effective use of role play
  • Learner autonomy and the promotion of self-managed learning
  • Language analysis
  • Phonology
  • Assessment of learners' language learning achievements
  • Provision of appropriate feedback to learners on their achievements
  • Test design
  • Alternative methods of assessment
  • Evaluation and modification of lessons
  • Evaluation and modfication of lesson sequences
  • Evaluation and modification of courses
  • Evaluation of own teaching performance
  • Interactive whiteboard usage
  • Levels trained for & taught in teaching practice:Beginner
    Lower intermediate
    Higher intermediate
    Age groups trained for & taught in teaching practice:adults
    Minimum number of language learners in teaching practice groups:6-12
    English for specific purposes covered:Business
    Advertising and marketing
    Academic purposes
    Private class
    Preparation for EFL examinations covered:KET
    Course summaryTEFL Iberia is rapidly becoming one of the leading TEFL providers in Europe with consistently outstanding graduate reviews. Maximise your opportunities and be the best teacher you can be, taking advantage of professional training and post-course careers service. The course is highly practical with 10+ hours of observed teaching practice as well as practice with interactive whiteboards and the latest in classroom technology. Included is a CV improvement & job interview practice workshop, as well as access to our large employer contact database. Let us help you get settled in Barcelona and find your next job.

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    2 customers reviews of One month 160-hour TEFL Certificate Course

    One month 160-hour TEFL Certificate Course
     Reviewed by Emily, Sunday 17th of February 2013 12:34:17 AM

    Course Content
    Teaching Practice
    Quality of feedback
    Lesson Plan Guidance
    Instructor Competence
    Job placement assistance
    Facilities / resources
    I had a great experience with the TEFL Iberia course. I learned a lot in the month-long (120-hour) course. The course content was great. There was a healthy dose of grammar, along with techniques for teaching grammar, vocabulary, speaking, pronunciation, correction, etc. I received very useful feedback not only from head tutor Richard, but from other observers as well. We learned how to create lesson plans for real English language learners starting on day one. Richard was a great resource for everything, ranging from how to deal with specific situations to where to find students to where to have a nice meal in Barcelona. I was very fortunate to have obtained a job right away before the course was over, thanks to Richard\'s recommendation. Overall, it was a great TEFL course and I highly recommend it!

    One month 160-hour TEFL Certificate Course
     Reviewed by Bradley Cohen, Thursday 06th of December 2012 04:02:30 AM

    Course Content
    Teaching Practice
    Quality of feedback
    Lesson Plan Guidance
    Instructor Competence
    Job placement assistance
    Facilities / resources
    I had a very positive experience at TEFL Iberia. The group size was small, the facilities were very impressive and I was in the classroom every day for one month either teaching or observing a class so overall I feel very prepared. The head tutor Richard was very knowledgeable and encouraging and he and the other tutors gave useful feedback after the practice classes. I give this course my full recommendation.

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